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Post-Construction Cleaning Checklist

After finishing an office renovation project, you’re ready to sit back and enjoy your new space, right? Not so fast. Before you can kick up your feet, you need to complete a post-construction cleaning marathon. Don’t let layers of dust leave your freshly renovated office looking old and dingy. Strap on a protective mask and […]

Green Products Help Mother Earth.

Using green products can lessen the negative effects of sanitary practices and cleaning operations to the environment around us.  Going green when cleaning can lessen water pollution, air pollution, climate change, and ozone depletion.  In addition, the practice of using green products also promotes recycling which can reduce the use of raw materials, thus lessening […]

Office Party Ideas That’ll Have Everyone Buzzing for WeeksMasterDrain

Some holiday office parties are awesome, and others are nightmares. Read below for few ideas and activities that will help you plan your next party. Host a picnic. If the sun keeps shining (fingers crossed) what better way to bring your team together? Sumo Throwdown. Over a thousand years old, Sumo is an ancient form of Japanese […]

Employee Retention

How to Retain Your Best Employees Provide some small perks. Free bagels or lunch on Fridays, they’ll appreciate it and may be more likely to stick around. Promote from within whenever possible. And give employees a clear path of advancement. Employees will become frustrated and may stop trying if they see no clear future for […]

The Advantages of Using Floor Scrubbers for Commercial Indoor Cleaning

Quicker Dry Times Among other things, a floor scrubber enables quicker dry times. When you use a traditional mop and bucket to clean the floor, drying may take some time. Given that a floor scrubber doesn’t use nearly as much water as a traditional mop, wet floor times should be much shorter. This will help decrease […]

How Commercial Janitorial Services Company Can Decrease Expenses. Part 3

TIP #3 Saving Time with Professional Window Cleaner. Safety: Exterior window cleaning—especially outside of a high rise building—not only needs the proper safety equipment, but requires the know-how to use it correctly. Commercial window cleaners are trained on how to use their equipment the right way, while cleaning your windows quickly and properly. Convenience: A professional window cleaning service can address […]

How to Lower Janitorial Costs In Commercial Real Estate. Part 2

Reducing cleaning cost is a common goal for building managers and cleaning contractors Buy concentrated. The more concentrated the cleaning solution, the longer it will last, helping to reduce costs significantly. Focus on performance. Select products that are more effective and/or help improve worker productivity. Even if they cost more than comparable products, the labor-related savings will […]

Tips To Reduce Janitorial Cost In Commercial Real Estate. Part 1

TIP #1 SUPPLIES PART 1: These days just about every business owner is trying to cut costs. Unfortunately, cutting costs can easily snowball into cutting corners – especially for professional cleaners. And this challenge is becoming even more difficult as the total cost of janitorial supplies continues to rise across the globe. Purchase Your Janitorial […]

How day cleaning can help you reduce janitorial service cost…

How it provides savings: Day cleaning programs help reduce cost and improve sustainability by adjusting cleaning schedules to more productive hours. Buildings can lower their energy bills by turning down lights and adjusting HVAC settings at earlier hours rather than keeping them running at night for cleaning crews. Day cleaners are actually more productive during […]

Four reasons why you should strip and wax your floors!

Leave it to the professional team to do your floors! Scratches prevented – Scratches to the flooring due to traffic and the wearing down of the wax coating can happen without regular upkeep. Prevents tile lifting – Tiles are left vulnerable to elements such as water and debris when the protective coating is worn down. […]