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The P.I.C. Quality Assurance Program

Daily Checks by P.I.C. Crew Leaders

We consistently provide and maintain the highest level of quality service through effective training, staffing, and supervision.
Every facility is assigned a crew leader who is responsible for maintaining an “issues log” as well as implementing corrective action to resolve any issues.
Additionally, P.I.C. assigns Area Managers to conduct unannounced facility walkthroughs frequently for verification that cleanliness quality levels are adhered to. And, as a company, P.I.C. regularly meets with all of the individuals responsible for maintaining a clean, quality facility.

Our Inspection Process Consists of the Following:

  • Site Specific Property Checklist Customized to Your Facility and Industry.
  • Facility Walk Through, Evaluation, Grading and Scoring.
  • Weekly Score Review with Quality Control Managers and Facility Personnel
  • Housekeeping / Janitorial Team Meetings.
  • Issue Review and Corrective Action Response.

Customized Reporting

To ensure open communication and quality control, P.I.C. Maintenance will provide appropriate and accurate reports as required. Some of the reports can include:
  • Day Services/Night Services Personnel Breakdown
  • M/WBE Reports
  • Task Frequency/Project Work Reports
  • Facility Workload Cost Summaries
  • Service Quality Inspection Reports


  • Contractor Self-Inspection Summary Reports
  • Client Equipment Audit Report
  • Time Management/Utilization Reports
  • Client Satisfaction Surveys
  • Work Order Summaries
  • Safety Documentation Reports

Key Performance Indicators

P.I.C. Maintenance measures the following four Key Performance Indicators in order to provide continuous quality improvement:


Customer Satisfaction:

Audit Scores:

Customer Complaints:


Consistent Employees Mean Higher Standards

P.I.C. Maintenance has maintained a turnover rate of less than 5% for over 25 years. The industry average is greater than 50%. Our employees are happy and incentivized to meet P.I.C.’s high expectations. Our ability to put the same crew at your facility means you’ll have peace of mind knowing you’ll have dependable service.


We Attribute Our Superior Retention Rate to the Following:

  • Career Advancement
  • Full Time Employment vs. Part Time
  • Competitive Wages
  • Employee of the Month Awards
  • Superior Employee Healthcare Benefits
  • Performance Bonuses

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